Magnetic compass Saura B-100S

Saura B-100S

Saura B-100S
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Saura B-100S - a compact magnetic compass, which is installed on a small sea and river vessels with a gross tonnage of less than 500. The compass is used as navigational equipment. Package includes a wooden box, which guarantees safe and easy transport of the device. Thanks to its compact size, the compass can be installed in any convenient part of the vessel. Moreover Saura B-100S meets the requirements of the Russian Maritime and River Register and the relevant certificates.
Easy to maintain. Compass does not require annual replacement of supporting liquid. Additionally, unique features ultra-reliable rotation of rose assembly consisting of a needle made of platinum-iridium alloy and fastened to a response node compass rose made of sapphire. Compass made in a short time.
  • Diameter of rose - 100 mm
  • Packaging width - 203 mm
  • The length of the box - 203 mm
  • The height of the box - 110 mm
  • Weight - 2.2 kg
Certificate RRR
Certificate RMRS

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NGSM Information letter

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