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KM145-M3 - magnetic compass, transmitting values from the main course to the main magnetic compass magnetic steering post. Transmission occurs through fiber optics both electronically and optically. KM145-M3 allows a precise transmission rate at up to 90 knots.
Magnetic compass KM145-M3 can be installed on any vessel as the main compass. KM145-M3 provides information about the course in the form of analog and digital signal. The newest technologies, modern design and high reliability allow KM145-M3 compass is fully integrated into the ship's navigation system. The structure of the magnetic compass make digital repeaters, analog repeater device 3I, Device 52, Pribor10. KM145-M3 is certified by the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping.
  •  Diameter of rose 145 mm;
  •  Accuracy heading indication on a fixed base 0.5 °;
  •  Ambient temperature: Total: from -40 to +70 degrees C, maximum permissible: to -60 oC;
  •  Vibrational loads up to 200 Hz with acceleration of 20 m / s2;
  •  Shock loads up to 150 m / s2

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