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NGSM Jupiter/Navipol

NGSM Jupiter/Navipol
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Jupiter - NAVIPOL - is a system of magnetic heading indication. Spherical Jupiter compass is designed specifically for use on vessels of coastal navigation on small boats, as well as high-speed patrol boats, depending on the configuration. Since the device has a modular system, the user can create complete any configuration, relying on their wishes. Compass is made of durable materials that are resistant to shock and vibration. Additionally, you can purchase a special wooden box, designed for the transport of the compass.
The system includes not only the Jupiter magnetic compass, binnacle and NAVIPOL, direction finder, the optical system of the course of translation, and the translator of the course with sin / cos interface. It works as a navigation device for removing bearings and determining the direction of the vehicle. Accuracy, temperature and dynamic characteristics meet the international standards ISO 499 and EC Council Directive 96/98 / EC.
It has the approval of the Russian River Register.
Due to the periscope data, binnacle NAVIPOL I allows the Jupiter, as a major. Note that the periscope's length is selected based on the thickness of the deck (a), and the height of the ceiling (b - the distance from the ceiling to the mirror periscope): x = a + b, of the following: 1000 mm, 1500 mm, 2000 mm. Through the translator fluxgate rate (Flux Gate) and binnacle compass NAVIPOL II Jupiter can act as a backup data transfer devices for navigation devices on board. If the vehicle has a small size, thanks to the binnacle compass NAVITWIN III Jupiter acts as a single sensor data. Binnacles made of aluminum alloy.
  • Power - 12 V ± 20%
  • The accuracy of the compass - 0.5 °.
  • Current Rating - 40 mA
  • Diameter of rose - 180 mm
  • The output voltage is ± 3.75 VDC
  • Standard food - 230, 115 V AC and 24 V AC
  • Emergency power supply - 230 V, 115 V AC and 24 V AC
  • Weight - 8.7 kg

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