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Inmarsat mini-C FELCOM-19

Inmarsat mini-C FELCOM-19
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FELCOM-19 - is a satellite terminal Inmarsat-C, which provides a wide range of communication services for subscribers. Equipped with the configuration of «black box». With alarm transmission units, compatible with the ship security alert system. Has receiver Enhanced group call EGC. Performs sending data, work with e-mail, telex and fax. To write data, use SD-memory card.
It meets the requirements of IMO and IEC. Certified by Russian Maritime Register of Shipping and the Russian River Register.
FURUNO Felcom-19 is not suitable for use as a GMDSS equipment only when the unit is connected, the rolling power at 24 V
Basic functions FELCOM-19 - function Ship Security Alert System (SSAS / SSAS) and the function of system equipment identification and tracking them over long distances (LRIT / LRIT).
Transmission frequency - 1626.5 - 1646.5 MHz
Reception frequency - 1537.0 - 1544.2 MHz
The range of channels - 5 kHz
Outgoing power - 130W
Input power - 60 watts

Certificate RRR
Сертификат 'FELCOM-19'
Certificate RMRS
Брошюра 'Felocm-19'

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