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EXPLORER 500 BGAN Terminal

Satellite terminal BGAN EXPLORER 500 is the most compact of the series, making it the best option for long-distance travel. Thanks to the EXPLORER 500, you'll always stay in touch, no matter what point you hit the planet. 
The device weighs only 1.5 kg, which is not much increase the weight of luggage. Dimensions BGAN EXPLORER 500 makes it a perfect companion for business trips, allowing you to work with e-mail, gives access to the Internet and VPN. The same terminal supports streaming audio and video. Speed up to 384 Kbps standard IP and up to 64 kbps stream. With the terminal is transmit-receive fax and SMS. 
  EXPLORER 500 does not require a complicated configuration. Just turn and point to the satellite antenna, connect the laptop and phone. The terminal can support the needs of business in a high-speed remote access to the corporate network. Also allows you to set up a temporary office for small groups. 
  • Dimensions: 218x 52 mm 217h 
  • Weight: 1.5 kg 
  • Battery Type: LiIon 
  • Time Standby: 36 hours 
  • Opening hours of the reception (transmission): Up to 3 hours 
  • Supply voltage: 15 V DC, 100-240 V AC, 47-63 Hz 
  • Operating temperature range: from -25 ° C to +55 ° C 
  • Telephony: Bluetooth, RJ-11, ISDN (via USB), fax 
  • Data Transfer: Ethernet, USB, Bluetooth

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