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Promotion to gyrocompasses PGM-C-10

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Forecasts of maritime satellite communications

Forecasts of maritime satellite communications

VSAT systems have recently started to provide high speed stability to return to the global network, and mobility systems has led to their popularity among the shipowners.


Universal and compact

Due to the small size, short readiness time and high accuracy for the use of the gyro compass PGM-C-10, there are no restrictions on the type of vessel. Gyrocompass PGM-C-10 fully complies with IMO requirements and is approved by RMRS and PPP.

Certificate of RRP

Certificate RMRS

Gyrocompass does not require annual maintenance.

The time of transfer of the gyrocompass PGM-C-10 to the meridian is no more than 105 minutes.

If you have any questions, please contact sales department
The offer is limited by the number of equipment in the warehouse.

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