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Icom i-cm304 marine radio without DSC functions. Has an improved design, better speaker sound. Liquid crystal display and buttons on the front panel of the radio concave provide a pleasant design that matches the interior of a ship or boat. Key features and functions icom ic M304: - Function AquaQuake!Speaker emits low-frequency sounds that allows us to derive from it got water. - Auto Scan weather channels and alarm activation. - Quick access to channels 16 and 9, as well as to the channel priority call. - The automatic, priority scan and scan through the list (TAG). - Versions available with black, gray and white hull radio icom ic-M304. - Large LCD display on the front panel of the radio icom-m304 provides a wide viewing angle and allows you to quickly read the numbers and names of channels (up to 10 characters) for any light. Bright LCD backlight (level 4) makes a comfortable job with a radio station in any light. - 22 programmable channels, all channels of the United States, Canada, international channels, weather channels. - Waterproof radio icom m304 and remote mikrogarnitury (microphone) meet the requirements of class IPX7 ( and a radio microphone, except cables can withstand immersion in water at a depth of 1 m for 30 minutes). You can install the radio in places with high humidity. - Improved speaker on the front panel of the radio. Large speaker on the front panel of the radio IC-M304 delivers loud and clear reception of voice signals. Microphone tuned to capture baseband speech and suppression of background noise environment. - On the front panel of the radio button is 'DISTRESS', protected against accidental pressing transparent cover. Pressing this button automatically transmitted a distress signal preprogrammed format (DSC) with the coordinates of the vessel and the transmission time of distress. When connecting the interface lubricants, the LCD displays the latitude, longitude and time (in the global or local format.) - Tracking feature two or three channels simultaneously (Dual / Tri-Watch). - Ability to connect POL receiver NMEA data input format. - Function request / transfer location coordinates to display selections

Technical characteristics
communication range in town (km) 10
communication range in open terrain (km) 25
Power (W) 25
Weight (grams) 825
time without charging the battery (h) -
Channel number 22 + 10
count frequency encoding 38
frequency band 156 - 157 MHz
grade + + transceiver PTT with marked
Dimensions (mm) 153 x 67 x 133
food 13.8
temperature range -20 .. 60
scrambler speech (scrambler) -
vibrate -
display backlight +
automatic squelch +
channel scan +
keylock -
ringtones +
dial tone -
The battery indicator +


Certificate RMRS
Certificate RMRS 'IC-304'
Brochure 'IC-304'