Skipper GDS 101 / 102

Sounder GDS101  - modern, reliable and accurate navigation echo sounder with LCD high-resolution display. Single channel, designed for sensors 3 frequencies (200.50 and 38 kHz) is always displayed on the graphic image with all possible navigational data. You can connect a standard parallel printer, PC and memorize sonar data from the past 24 hours. Meets all IMO. There are all kinds of interfaces, including input and output NMEA 0183. The control unit consists of a matrix graphic LCD display and keypad with buttons fixed and free appointment and rotation handles. Echogram displayed and stored in memory continuously.
Sounder GDS102  - full analogue GDS101 outwardly, but inside this sounder carries high-tech equipment capable of operating at two frequencies simultaneously. The display shows both sensors. Thus GDS-102 is very suitable for use in long vessels where needed control and stern and nose when mooring   
GDS101  as  GDS102  have RMRS approval.


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Thermal paper sizes for different devices

Thermal paper sizes for different devices

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