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Furuno SC-130

The SC-130 is a new model of the Furuno satellite compass, equipped with an antenna with 3 sensors to determine the course of the vessel with a high accuracy of 0.25 °.

The Furuno SC-130 is used to calculate various data such as GPS position, SOG, COG, ROT, and speed relative to 3 axes (nose, stern and longitudinal) . With the help of these data vessels can perform the most complex maneuvers, for example, mooring.

The SC-130 transmits the heading signals to the instruments, using the latest GNSS technologies (global navigation satellite system). To ensure maximum accuracy, the signal is based on data from the Galileo and GLONASS systems.

Key Features:

  • Maintenance free
  • The accuracy of the course is 0.25 °. Ideal for installation on medium-sized and large vessels for navigation in ship-flooded ports
  • Using GNSS Galileo and GLONASS for maximum accuracy. By receiving signals from satellites of various types, the problem of signal absence due to insufficient number of satellites
  • Ultra-small initialization time - 90 seconds
  • Convenient connection to existing ship network via Ethernet
  • High tracking speed 40 ° / s (twice as much as required by IMO for high-speed vessels)
  • High-precision data on the on-board / pitching in analog and digital formats for roll stabilizers, sonar, etc.
  • Controlling the speed of moving the bow and stern of the ship for safe mooring
  • Simple modification with the existing antenna cable
  • * for models SC-50- / 55/60/110/120 (additional set of LAN_CNV is required)

Main characteristics:

  • Frequency of reception: 1575.42 MHz (GPS / Galileo), 1602.5625 MHz (GLONASS)
  • Capture code: C / A code (GPS), E1B (Galileo), 1OF (GLONASS)
  • Accuracy of vessel speed determination (SOG): 0.02 kn. RMS. (Tracking at least 5 satellites)
  • Accuracy of vessel speed determination (VBW, SOG): 0.2% of vessel speed or 0.02 knots (tracking at least 5 satellites)
  • Course accuracy: SC-130 0.25 ° RMS.
  • Support speed: 40 ° / s
  • Time to locate: 90 s
  • Accuracy of determination of angular position: onboard, pitching: 0,4 ° rms.
  • Angular position resolution: standard value 0.1 °, 0.01 °, 0.001 ° (selected in the menu)
  • Speed ​​of rotation: the standard value of 0.1 °, 0.01, 0.001 ° / min (selected in the menu)
  • Power supply: 12-24 VDC. current: 2,1 /, - 1,1 A (including antenna unit and display unit)
  • Ambient temperature:
    • Antenna unit from -25 to +55 ° C (storage: up to +70 ° C)
    • Display unit / terminal box from -15 to +55 ° C

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