Furuno M-1715

Furuno M-1715

Furuno M-1715
  • RMRS
  • RRR
  • -
Display 7 'LCD
Power 2.2 kW
Antenna 46 cm Dome
Range 0,125 m - 16 m


This FURUNO radar equipped LCD display high brightness, which provides excellent image in any light, and compact antenna closed (height of 22 cm, which greatly simplifies the installation of the antenna). Waterproof display, produced by special technology ensures clear images even in direct sunlight, lighting, and can be installed on an open bridge.

  • High contrast LCD (7 ')
  • 14 range scales - from 0.125 to 24 M
  • Saving energy, max. 43 W at 10.2 - 31.5 VDC, power saving in the 'Watchman' mode - only 8 W
  • Power 2.2 kW
  • Night mode screen in the dark
  • Showing Waypoints on the Radar Screen
  • Low profile antenna beamwidth 5.2 degrees for a clear view of the echo signal, operates at several speeds
  • Programmable function repeater navigation data
Certificate RMRS

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