Vega VG-304

Vega VG-304

Vega VG-304
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Vega VG-304  - the best way radios for riverboats. Clocked at 300.025 - 300.500 MHz, 336.025 - 336.500 MHz and is a leader in quality, functionality and reliability of similar radios. Approved and recommended by the Russian River Register for use on vessels operating on inland waterways. PPP has a certificate of approval of product types 508-4.18.1-06.

Included with the radio low temperature Li-Ion 1600 mAh battery capacity and quick charger.

Durable and flexible antenna with a screw-justified bolted reinforced plastic connector and provides the greatest efficiency in a given frequency range. LCD backlight makes it comfortable to work with the radio station at dusk and at night.

Specifications Vega VG-304

Number of Channels 27
Power 5W
Frequency band Rx: 300,025-300,500 Tx: 336,025-336,525 MHz
Receiver output 5W
Display Illumination +
Switching power +
Keypad Lock +
Battery Indicator +
Food 7.4 V, 8-13 h
Waterproof +
Vibrate -
Auto Squelch +
Adjusting the squelch -
Shock +
Channel Scan +
Dial tone +
Scrambler speech (scrambler) -
Dimensions 140h59h42 mm
Weight 280 g