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Portable radiostation SAILOR SP3550

Portable radiostation SAILOR SP3550
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SAILOR SP3550 - Portable radio station operating in the UHF band frequency. Designed for use on board ships as an optional extra. SAILOR SP3550 has a waterproof design (IP67) and the case of ribbed material. Powerful transceiver, great sound, clock, as well as user-programmable channels provide high productivity.
The functionality of the SAILOR SP3550 UHF handheld radios give confidence that all parties will be heard loud and clear, even when working in windy and noisy environments.
SAILOR SP3550 has 100 channels available for programming, expanding the capabilities of the portable radio. SAILOR SP3550 is equipped with lighting for night use, large-screen, user-friendly interface and large buttons. All this makes a strong radio SAILOR SP3550 having reliable protection.
Portable radio SAILOR SP3550 is ideal for the Navy, Coast Guard or fishing vessels. High-quality accessories for SAILOR SP3550 include interface cables for headsets and PELTOR SavOx, programming cable, dual battery charger and carrying case. All this enables efficient charging, easy transportation and storage.
  • Frequency range: 440-470 MHz
  • Number of channels: 100 programmable
  • Output Power: 5 W / 1 W
  • Emkot battery -1800 mAh
  • Protection class - IP67
  • Weight with battery - 340 g

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