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Portable radiostation SAILOR SP3515

Portable radiostation SAILOR SP3515
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SAILOR SP3515 - portable radiostation designed for use at sea, working in the VHF range with the scrambling and CTCSS. If the portable station operates with scrambling, it can not communicate with other radio stations, which are not programmed with the same scrambling code.  Not all regions allow you to use voice scrambling. The sea channel scrambling mode is automatically turned off when you turn off the radio and selecting a new channel.
Continuous sound system with noise-canceling coded (CTCSS) can be enabled using the configuration mode. If the radio is working with CTCSS channel, it can not be recognized by the speaker if the corresponding sub-tone is not detected. To use the CTCSS can not be used in all the channels.
Portable radiostation SAILOR SP3515 is designed for the convenience of users, it is convenient raspogalaetsya in hand with a glove or without.
Frequency range: 148-174MGts
Power supply voltage 7.2 V
Battery capacity - 1800 mAh
Operating temperature: -20 ° C to + 55 ° C
Power consumption 1 W - 0.8 A
Protection against ingress of water - IP67
Weight -340g battery

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