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Gas Analyzer ANKAT-7631Micro

Gas Analyzer ANKAT-7631Micro
Gas Analyzer ANKAT-7631Micro
  • RMRS
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The ANKAT-7631 Micro Analyzer is used to control the excess or lack of oxygen, the content of toxic gases in the air of the work area to ensure the safety of personnel.
Applies to:
  • on objects of sea and river transport and in ports;
  • at oil refineries;
  • at enterprises that use toxic gases in the process and have their warehouses;
  • when servicing wells, tunnels, treatment facilities, etc.
The type of gas analyzer is portable.
The method of sampling is diffusion.
The principle of action is electrochemical.

All modifications of ANKAT-7631Micro meet the requirements of the RMRS and PPP rules.

 Dust- and moisture protection  IP68
 Explosion protection  1ExibdIICT6Gb X
 Output signals  USB interface for PC
 Indication  digital, sound, light
 Operating temperature range  from -30 ° С to + 45 ° С (for Ankat-7631Микро with ЭХД), from -40 ° С to + 50 ° С (for Ankat-7631Micro-FID)
 Food  3.6 V battery
 Dimensions  55х50х125 mm (Ankat-7631Micro with ECD), 55х50х100 mm (Ankat-7631Micro-FID)
 Weight  0.15 kg (Ankat-7631Micro), 0.35 kg (Ankat-7631Micro-O2-VD), 0.2 kg (Ankat-7631 Micro-FID)
 Guarantee period  1.5 years (gas analyzer), 1 year (ECD and FID)

Certificate RMRS
Certificate RMRS