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INTRON-D - is a digital telecommunications system duplex speakerphone. Designed for dispatch communication, mobile communications and emergency notification in case of an emergency. The system also supports management and monitoring functions.
INTRON-D is certified by the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping.
The system supports the standardized IP network technology to build a flexible network via Ethernet and system interfaces. Also it has the ability to connect additional communication devices developed on the basis of the PC. In a network, you can connect up to 250 base stations. INTRON-D lets you record and play messages recorded previously. The intuitive interface ensures simple operation with the equipment.
INTRON-D system provides:
  • communication between remote subscriber stations;
  • selector and radio communication;
  • general and group call;
  • loud warning;
Building block system developed from strong and durable materials that can withstand harsh environmental conditions. Thanks to the modular configuration can achieve enough free device placement with centralized management. Furthermore, the system supports INTRON-D remote control function. To monitor the workability of the system elements and endpoints using specialized Config Manager software. Combining units of the system is carried out with the help of interface cards 12DXI, which are intended for joining 2 or more central. Available in A realization scheme of association of the 'Star' or 'Ring'. central units system is a single network and can be operated by one attendant operational communication center.
  • Power supply - 110 -120 / 220 -240 VAC
  • Internal operating voltage - 48 - 72 V DC
  • The frequency range of voice - 300 - 7000 Hz
  • Operating System - Microsoft Windows 9x / 2000 Me / XP, Windows NT 4.0
  • Flash memory - 4 GB
  • Speed - 500 MHz
  • The maximum number of base stations in a single network - 250
  • Number of programmed group calls - 1000
Certificate RMRS

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