Gyrocompass PGM-CRG-022

Gyrocompass PGM-CRG-022

The designed PGM-CRG-022 constructed on the basis of solid-state vibrating gyroscopes and is designed for use on ships and commercial fishing fleet. Gyrocompass PGM-CRG-022 determines the vessel's course relative to geographic Meridian and angles kachek, then the resulting data gives to the customer for accurate navigation and control of the vessel.

The designed PGM-CRG-022 is characterized by small size, easy installation and maintenance, high reliability and accuracy of readings. PGM-CRG-022 provides a stable reading rate when the speed of rotation to 50 degrees per second. The gyrocompass is corrected according to information from the vessel GPS/GLONASS receiver, and the signal lag (pulse or NMEA 0183).

Standard designed PGM-CRG-022:

  • a Central unit (CPU);
  • remote control (PU).


  • Working environment temperature: -15 to +55
  • Relative humidity at +40 C: 98%
  • Shocks: 10 g
  • Vibration (with frequency up to 200 Hz): 0,7 g
  • Power Supply: 24 VDC
  • Power consumption: 60 W
  • Appointed to a full life: 50,000 h
  • Assigned service life: 15 years
  • MTBF: 40000 hrs
  • Dimensions and weight:
  • The Central instrument: 174 x 174 x 171 mm; 7 kg
  • Control panel: 300 x 80 x 175 mm; 4 kg

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