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Receiver JRC JAX-9A / B receives fax broadcast signals in the range from  2 to 25 MHz, including weather and navigation maps, and graphically displays them on  thermal paper.  JJC When using a decoder (NWF-45) JAX-9A can receive and print signals  toll broadcasters (eg, Kyodo News).
Functional features:
  • Recording in halftone with 16 shades of gray  This function supports the display 16 shades of gray (roughing and clear  printing) and very effective when printing location on the map weather clouds,  photographed with a weather satellite.  
  • Compensation Scheme auxiliary lines 
This unique scheme is designed to clearly display the auxiliary lines on  the map, such as lines of latitude and longitude. 
  • Synthesizer receiver can store up to 90 different frequencies. 
You can enter any frequency using the top panel.  Provided storage 90 frequencies (frequencies in the band 9 x 10 groups). You can choose  to install and change the frequency if necessary. 
  • Automatic Frequency Selection 
This feature allows you to automatically select the optimal frequency of the nine  possible in this group. No need to search manually. This function  is very effective when the programmable reception.  
  • Built-in clock 
At the receiver, JAX-9A provides clock that can be used for the timer  and programming of the system clock.
  • A range of dosing regimens

  • Automatic reception (AUTO)  
JAX-9A receiver can be controlled remotely and automatically turn  to set the parameters, take a picture, stretching paper and  stay on the basis of the instructions received from the broadcasting station. In manual  mode the reception only grayscale images. 

  • Manual Reception (MANUAL)  
In this mode, you can manually set the proportionality factor, speed  of scanning and recording halftone images. Start and stop recording in this  mode JAX-9A automatically.  

  • Forced entry (# REC)  
This advanced feature manual receive. Receiver JAX-9A can start recording  by force, although not be in AUTO or MANU (if the transmission  is already broadcasting station). In this case, the phase matching is performed  manually. JAX-9A receiver uses a unique technology of instantaneous  phase matching.    
  • Programmable reception (Timer) 
This feature uses the built-in timer for independent operation of the receiver  JAX-9A schedule. You can program the start / end  of work, method activation receiving frequency and function of use (not  use) semitones. 
Recording system Recording with the thermal printhead
Paper to record Heat sensitive paper (roll - 305 mm x 50 mm)
Effective bandwidth Print 256 mm
Index cooperation 576/288
Scan speed 60,90,120, 240 SPM
Density scan lines About 7 lines / mm or 3.5 lines / mm
The frequency of the reference oscillator 5505.024 MHz crystal controlled
Frequency Stability within ± 1.0 x 10-5/den
Phase matching automatic or manual
Inversion Black / White Manual switching
External input 600 ohms, 0 dBm, 1900 ± 400 Hz low-pass
View received modulation F3C
Reception frequency range HF 2.0000 to 24.9999 MHz
The frequency indication 6, a digital LCD display (10 to 100 MHz)
Capacity 90 different frequencies
Sensitivity Signal / noise ratio of 20 dB, line input 2 ?V (+6 dB?) or less gives the output-5dBm.
The first signal selection Band 2.4 - 3.0 kHz 6 dB suppression 
band 6 kHz or less than - 66 dB suppression
Supply voltage 12 - 40 V DC
Power consumption no more than 70 VA
Weight 7 kg
Operating Temperature Range -10 To +45 ° C.
Dimensions 358 x 254 x 107 mm (including the mounting plate)


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