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G5 Smartfind

G5 Smartfind
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MCMURDO G5 Smartfind GPS EPIRB - emergency beacon is, who works in the COSPAS-SARTAST and transmits data on channel 406 MHz. Activation of the device occurs automatically when immersed in water or manually, after the removal of the protective case. Meets GMDSS requirements, IMO and SOLAS.
G5 Smartfind certified by the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping and the Russian River Register.
EPIRB uses a multi-channel GPS, which can significantly improve the accuracy of determining the position of the vessel. It works by continuously updating information about the coordinates of the object in distress. Such work can significantly reduce the time searching. G5 Smartfind is equipped with a built-in bright LED, which delivers a special flashing light, making it easier to search in the dark. homing signal function operates at a frequency of 121.5 MHz and sends the signal to the immediate vicinity of the vessel. EPIRB is capable of operating autonomously within the next 48 hours. The package includes a bracket that provides secure mounting and easy transport.
  • The operating frequency of the transmitter - 406.040 MHz 1 kHz
  • The output voltage of the transmitter - 5 Watt
  • Modulation Transmitter - Phase (16K0GID)
  • The operating frequency of the transmitter - 121.5 MHz 3,5 kHz
  • The power output  of the transmitter - 50 mW
  • Modulation Transmitter - Swept tone AM (3K20A3X)
  • The central frequency of the GPS receiver - 1.57542 GHz
  • Sensitivity GPS receiver - -175 dBW minimum
  • Beacon - bright LED
  • Power - Lithium battery
  • Battery life - at least 48 hours
  • Shelf life - 5 years
  • Operating Temperature - -20 C +55 C
  • Weight - 770 grams.
  • Body height - 21 cm
  • The length of the antenna - 18 cm
Certificate RRR

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