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Transducer Selector TS-104

Transducer Selector TS-104 - 4 to 1 transducer switcher allowing the user to select which transducer is to be shown on a single channel echosounder. The unit allows up to 4 transducers of the same frequency to be switched onto a single channel.

Power supply 24VDC (18-36V)
Power consumption 30 W at 24 V
Output 1 Echosounder
Cut-out dimensions 124x124 mm. Bracket or panel mounting. Brackets included.
Front plate 144x144 mm to DIN standard
Depth 59 mm
Weight cabinet 3 kg included the Interface unit
Protection - IP 56 - Selector unit
- IP 23 - Interface unit
Inputs - Remote dimming input (pulse)
- 4 transducers
Service Available in most major harbours, world-wide through extensive dealer network

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