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Simrad S3009

Simrad S3009
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The S3009 IMO Echosounder is designed to meet operational needs and SOLAS carriage requirements for workboats, passenger and merchant vessels. The S3009 meets type-approval standards including IMO resolutions A.224(VII) and MSC.74 (69) Annex 4. The S3009 provides quick access to common tasks such as setting alert depth and changing draft settings. Available as a compact all-in-one system, or an expanded system with the S5100 transceiver, the S3009 uses standard 50 kHz and 200 kHz transducers and can be tailored to specific vessel requirements.

The S3009 shows 5, 10, 15, 30, or 60 minutes of data on the primary display and allows scrollback to view previously recorded depth information. A removable SD card can be used to store more than 12 hours of data.

The S3009 features an Alerts Acknowledge button as well as BAM integration for remote alert management. The Alert page displays active alerts and a historical log of alert conditions.

Standard 70 mm diameter transducers facilitate easy installation with existing tanks and gate valves.

See data the way you prefer. The S3009 features ten levels of day/night brightness adjustment, and seven colour combinations. Bold bottom-tracking lines can be adjusted for clear interpretation of bottom track.

The S3009 provides an IEC61162-1/2 (NMEA 0183®) interface to connect with Simrad ECDIS solutions and other Simrad or third-party bridge equipment. IEC 61162-3 (NMEA 2000®) and Ethernet networking are also supported.


Frequency: 50 or 200 kHz;
Output power: 1 kW;
Range Scales: 5, 10, 20, 40, 100, 200 meters;
Accuracy of measurement: 20-meter range: ±0.5 meters
                                                  200-meter range: ±5 meters
                                                  Other ranges: ±2.5 % of digital depth readout;
Minimum Detectable Depth: 50/200 kHz - 1 meter; Maximum Detectable Depth: 50/200 kHz - 200 meters;
Type of display: Color LCD, 9 inches;
Power supply source: DC 10.8 - 31.2 V;
Operating temperature: -15°C - +55°C.

Navigational echo sounder S3009 may consists of the following units:
- main unit S3009; processor S5100; transducers TGM50-200-20L and/or TGM60-50-20L.

Certificate RMRS
Simrad S3009
Manual S3009

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