The rollers

The rollers

The rollers are designed for use on various types of vessels and displacement. With the correct choice of the dimensions of the side rudders and the parameters of the drives, the roll stabilizers ensure the efficiency of rolling-off of 90%. Advantages of this system are a simple and visual representation of current information, as well as a convenient form of adjusting the parameters of the control algorithms (if necessary).

The Stabilizers of pitching provide:

  • Automatic pitching in the range of vessel speeds from minimum to maximum with sea waves up to 6 points inclusive
  • Automatic setting of the steering wheels to the neutral position by the corresponding command
  • Emergency steering of rudders to neutral position by means of manual hydraulic drive

Standard equipment:
  • Two side arms (wing0 with drive mechanisms
  • Two bushings
  • Hydraulics system (electrohydraulic power units, solenoid valves-hydraulic distributors, hydraulic cylinders of left and starboard drives, two manual emergency systems for steering wheel controls)
  • Alarm system (limit value sensors, electronic unit, APS panel with light and sound alarm)
  • Control system (computer, touch control panels, sensors)

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