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New standards for ECDIS Amendment 1.

New standards for ECDIS Amendment 1.

In accordance with the mandatory provision of safety of navigation in the maritime industry, constantly being updated ECDIS products, which is associated with changes in the standards of the International Hydrographic Organization (IHO).

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Printed circuit board (PCB)

  • In order to make an order for the necessary equipment, contact the manager by mail to sales@cirspb.ru or to the service department service@cirspb.ru
  • If you have any questions, please call: in St. Petersburg +7 (812) 679-09-10 and +7 (904) 553-14-41, and  in Petrozavodsk +7 (8142) 57-80-30 and +7 (814) 8142) 57-00-03. 

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 art. 707024 PCB Consilium VDR Mixer unit MU 84  
 art. 010117 Board Consilium navigation video Multiplexor v mux 707125b 010117 L-sida  
 art. Promise fast trak 100tx2 card  
 art. 5750-017036 PCB Comtrol PC 116 p / n a-00075 revd  
 . TO 1966 PCB Consilium Navigation 16 channel nd 16 707088c 010129  
 art. 910000269 Digigram board cu 138900102/02  
  . 016030-200 PCB Foresight imaging LLC 7501 47 REV.F
 art. MO0116-00113 PCB AR-B1680A
 art 6256 41-ih PCB  
 art. 5-0-25646 I PCB Connection Board t2130,   
 art SP-5-0-25644K PCB t2130, 
 art 5-0-25643M TX-PROCESSOR (3) t2130,   
 art. 65601805 Pulse Bearin Board  
 art. 65801811-8 PCB X-Band dc motor drive
 art. 65801811-7 PCB X-Band dc motor drive  
 art Flat Comax e 173 433  
 art. Flex cable vm1 ll 54608  
 art Flat 811, B.U.  
 art.123498KLH 41 / DG  
 . nnr-a371 04 ser 3691 klh 60 D/Q  
 art. 63030901 Fee 006647 kg 6 sn0026 39065
 art. 717-I 5615613795 PCB  
 art. 630818 PCB TV control board 910
 art. 63194501 PCB pl / sq 715 S
 art. 4683614 PCB
 art. SAE-A02 / 3 Plain azimuth board dxb  
 art. NL 14010S PCB no nl14010s sr 220 Sequence pcb  
 art. 111000s PCB sr 220 inverted pcb  
  art. 107 891 51 PCB Skanti 9000 sq. / Sq. Rx ex signal path 915
 art 63030003 Skanti p / q synthesizer board 911  
 art. NNR-A371 Defliction / video board pcb,   
 art. AAD97181-105 Intel desktop btnl board 748008a5
 art. 003067DDF663 PCB biostar awr 1800074064
 art M811112093-00232-Q4500310000B1 PCB 15gs15q 45 db2103foo  
 art. AAP94843 PCB mgi fc mil 2a / 4bn / 20
 art. 5BCOAB046423 PCB  
 art. PR75061847 PCB  
 art. 2030489172842 PCB  
 art. 82COA1562539 asus PCB  
 art. 4712302280290 acorp  PCB hm0809332704
 art. CT12864Z40B16TD2 crucial  PCB 48280
 art. JM334D643A-60 = FZ PCB 68586538  
 art.20695,20648 PCB m2u533-igbj  
 art. 509927-2593 PCB acer 2008-08
 art. 505176 Fox line card
 art. 001223365432

art. 505062 Fox line 

 art. DB0309001305 PCB NO: L-8738ac  
 art. 98135 Fee Lips druner 234567789 4309860003
     art. 139-152 ng001 e01 PCB raytheon marine gmbh
 art. 020672 Sperry marine PCB n020672
 art. 26762 PCB nr 26762 C-Plath 2133.10200
 art. 8G912806604 FC PCB ga-g31m-s2c
 art. 097K150-08793-60-MIB815-A06 The p5kpl-am in / gb PCB
 art. 901-10061-300 Mcmurdo PCB 89-460 rx processing
 art. 901-10048-500 PCB Mcmurdo 89-400  
 art. 901-10066-300 Mcmurdo GPS module assembly 89-466  
 art. K-131h-AC-SMB-01-01-05 PCB module gps glonass transmitter
 art. 901-10062-400 PCB Mcmurdo 89-440 uais psu
 art. 901-10063-300 Mcmurdo PCB 89-430 uais screw terminal  
 art. 89-421 Mcmurdo / transas uais receiver PCB  
 art. E131107 PCB for the Atlas 1000 radar  
 art. S-AV68F Toshiba Amplifier Circuit for S-AV68F  
 art. IF-7758 FURUNO radar PCB  
 art. 4580504 Power PCB TT-3020C  
 art. PBSE0947001 Powerbox PBSE0947021
 art. 1111080061280 PATRIOT PSD5124001  
 art. 4247/025 Mcmurdo / Transas PCB
 art. 110600120 Drawer for black box vdr headwaytech double socket CF
 art. 23102014 PCB for the black box vdr headway marine double socket CF, 
 art. 65801616, b3rx1620 Receiver for the VM  
 art. 102290361 Plate VERTICAL AMP
 art. 64P1106 FURUNO board
 art. 000E003C0201 APA3000 board FOR AUTHORIZED
 art. 65801801-11B, 6580-1816, 65825812-6 Modulator  
 art. 2003055779 GPS Transas T-101
 art. 65801802 ASSY Platt  
 art. T65601806 Motodrive board  
 art. 129 CHIPS F 65545 B2 ICs
 art. 011-0035-025 GPS receivers 25 LVS
 art. ROM  
 art. Fee from the autopilot
 art. Plate RX \ EX Signal Path 715 S 63194501  
 art. Marine Filters Fee 726 10787261  
 art. Plate PCB Board 717S 63030901
 art. Flat PCB 914S
 art. PSB 911 PCB  
 art. PCB TU Control Board 910 630818  
 art. PCB DC SMI Assembly Simplex 7327222
 art. PCB Power amplifier Assembly 250 1078310  
 art. PCB AC Power Supply Assembly 732721  
 art. PCB 625633FG-2  
 art. PCB T-2130  
 art. PCB 625642JL
 art. PCB 625643-MO  
 art. PCB 655644, 625641.  
 art. PCB for SKIPPER GDS-101 ECHOOL  
 art. PCB PV / KB (6000) 57-127961  

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