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Replacement of the magnetron on the radar

Replacement of the magnetron on the radar

Instructions for replacing the magnetron during the voyage using the example of the JRC radar.

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Radar Magnetrons

Magnetrons for ship radar stations with stock. Delivery time from 1 day to 1 week.

Type + Description
MG4004 X-Band Magnetron
MG4006 X-Band Magnetron
MG4010 X-Band Magnetron
MG5241 X-Band Magnetron
MG5241F X-Band Magnetron
MG5473 X-Band Magnetron
MG5241/MG4010 X-Band Magnetron
MG5241F/MG4010 Magnetron
M5187 X-Band Magnetron
M5187F X-Band Magnetron
MG5264 X-Band Magnetron
MG5424 X-Band Magnetron
MG5436 X-Band Magnetron
MG5223 S-Band Magnetron
B3LT1610 X-Band Limiter
B3LT1008 S-Band Limiter
B3RX1612 X-Band Frontend
B3RX1618 X-Band Frontend
B7RX1002 S-Band Frontend
B3JC1649 X-Band Circulator
Adapter Plate A 113X41, 4X5
Adapter Plate 135x41, 4x5


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